Emergency events, around the world and close to home, appear to be occurring more and more often.  Natural disasters, as well as those caused by human action, seem almost commonplace.  Whenever a blackout, flood or similar emergency strikes, there are news stories, sometimes with a caution that "It's only a matter of time until the same thing happens here." As a result, many people who aren’t directly affected briefly imagine themselves in that situation.

You, personally, may have become alarmed and motivated to prepare for the possibility of a similar event happening to you.  But daily demands on your time and resources are more immediate and pressing.  So time passes - yet in the back of your mind you know preparing for an emergency is important for you to do.
With this reality in mind, Sudden Storm provides a way to get moving on the road to emergency preparedness now. We've researched information from a wide variety of the most credible sources and compiled it for you in one thorough, well-organized, clear, and concise book.

Sudden Storm provides a simple, comprehensive series of fact sheets, action plan worksheets, and projects. The information is designed to be applied at your own pace, in your own way, and to your personal situation. In doing so, you’ll be prompted to use imagination and creativity. You’ll become more self-reliant and take actual steps toward protecting yourself and loved ones.
There’s a wealth of information about emergency preparedness and response available. But researching the subject, especially online, can lead you down a rabbit hole of scattered, confusing, and sometimes conflicting information. Many websites are too brief and vague, while others go into great depth about only a single topic.

  • We’ve researched materials provided by many credible sources, and present the results in one clear, simple, organized format.
  • Essential topics are covered, and knowledge is provided about not only what you should do, but also why and how you should do it.
  • Unique features include action plan worksheets for creating your own personal emergency plan, and projects for gaining hands-on, practical skills.
  • Sources are provided for learning even more about a wide variety of subjects. Downloads are embedded with active (clickable) links.
Our products will:

  • Reduce reliance on government assistance, which may not be immediately available
  • Help you successfully shelter at home or evacuate
  • Enable you to survive on your own for a planned period of time
  • Increase practical knowledge, with a focus on safety, comfort, and reducing stress
  • Inspire creative thinking, problem solving, self-reliance, and personal empowerment
  • Guide you through the process of creating your own, unique, personal emergency plan and evacuation kit
  • Encourage families to communicate and work together, while creating a realistic plan and engaging in easy, fun, educational projects
  • Provide materials that can be used as a teaching tool
Dinner for two in an inexpensive restaurant costs about $30. For a fraction of this price, Sudden Storm provides a wealth of emergency information. If just one thing you learn ends up being useful to you in an actual emergency, what is the value of that?

Include the whole family in preparing your emergency plan, if possible. Have fun doing projects on rainy days. Work together at a pace you're comfortable with. Every step you take will be a step closer to taking care of yourself and loved ones in an emergency.

Though it may seem daunting to prepare for emergencies, the potential benefit is immeasurable. Caring for loved ones in an emergency is invaluable; being prepared for a life-threatening situation is priceless.

Get empowered. Be prepared. If an emergency strikes, you'll be more informed, self-reliant, and comfortable. It may also save your life

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