Flood Damaged Mobile Home and Truck in Iowa


Storm safety 101


I've never lived in a mobile home, but have long considered buying one because they can be both affordable and really nice. One of the hesitations I've had is their ability to withstand natural disasters such as wind storms and flooding.


Here's a brief "Storm Safety 101", which offers a few tips and general information about anchors and tie downs:   Storm Safety: Preparing Your Mobile Home


The article above links to this helpful University of Georgia, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences page:   Protecting Mobile Homes from High Winds.  Proper anchoring is important in case of flooding too, as the above photo illustrates.


IMPORTANT: Emergency management agencies agree that mobile homes will NOT withstand a tornado. If you live in a mobile home, have a plan to immediately evacuate to a sturdy "stick-built" building.  If none is available, you may be safer outdoors flattened to the ground - as low as possible - in a ditch or other depression; but be wary of debris collecting there and flash flooding.


Your local government Building Official is usually a great source of information for mobile home safety.  I'll keep my eyes peeled for more information on this subject, and encourage all you mobile home owners out there to do the same.

Photo Source:  FEMA Photo Library.  LINK

Description:  July 27, 2010 -- The force of rushing water from the breached 88-year-old Lake Delhi Dam in northeast Iowa impacted this mobile home.


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