cutting a soda can stove


Making soda can stoves


 There are a lot of YouTube videos showing how to make a small, ultralight alcohol stove out of aluminum beverage cans.  Every video seems to be just a little different, with people experiementing and coming up with different ways of doing the same thing, depending on the tools they have. 


In general, making the stove burner requires cutting a large hole out the bottom of a can, which is fairly thick and challenging.  Different instructional videos recommend using power tools and purpose-made tools to accomplish this task..


We were playing around making stoves last weekend, and found a great way to cut out the center of the burner, using a simple can opener as shown in the photo.  Our large Swing-A-Way brand can opener worked quickly and perfectly. 


If you're interested in learning more, search "soda can stove", "pepsi stove", or "penny stove" online and you'lll find tons of tutorials.  We've experimented and think our full in instructions in the book "Sudden Storm" are best of course.


To see what our finished stove looks like, click here:  Cooking Project - Soda Can Stove






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