FEMA News Releases

  1. PREMA, FEMA Training Healthcare Workers to Respond to Mass Casualty Incidents

    GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico – The Government of Puerto Rico is teaming up with FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness to train emergency and healthcare workers to respond to mass casualty incidents.

    A four-day training course and field exercise are planned for May 29 to June 1 at Ramón Ruiz Arnau Hospital in Bayamon, about 30 minutes south of San Juan.

  2. Certain Non-Profit Organizations May Qualify for FEMA Disaster Assistance; Must Submit Request No Later Than This Friday

    ANNISTON, Ala. ­-Nonprofit organizations that experienced damage or losses from the tornadoes and storms of March 19-20 in Calhoun, Cullman, Etowah and St. Clair counties may apply for Federal Emergency Management Agency Public Assistance to help them get back to the business of helping others.

    The FEMA Public Assistance program may reimburse eligible expenses incurred before, during and after the March 19-20 disaster event on a cost-share basis. The Federal cost-share for all categories of Public Assistance (PA) is 75 percent of total eligible costs.

  3. Connect with Local Officials Now, Hurricane Season Begins Soon

    Hurricane Season Begins June 1


    Severe weather can happen anytime and anywhere, especially in Florida. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 40 percent of hurricane landfalls in the United States happen here.

  4. Survivor finds new home with help from disability adviser

    Austin, Texas – Last August, Lenora Long awoke to furniture floating across her apartment. A 73-year-old with serious medical issues and limited mobility, she was forced out of her apartment when Hurricane Harvey moved in.

    Long found temporary lodging in a hotel paid for by FEMA, but she had trouble locating a home that was affordable on her fixed income. A local nonprofit offered a seniors-only apartment, but Long couldn’t accept because she relies on her two adult children for live-in care.

  5. Replacing Personal Documents after a Natural Disaster

    ANNISTON, Ala. –Survivors of the Calhoun, Cullman and Etowah counties March tornadoes and storms who have lost important documents can use this guide to help obtain replacements.

    All of the organizations listed below offer online resources. If personal computers aren’t available, public libraries and other agencies may have computers available to the general public.


    Who to Contact for Replacement

  6. FEMA In Your Community: Historic Manitou Springs trail in Colorado preserved with FEMA Mitigation Funds

    In 2013, severe storms with heavy rains buffeted 200 miles of Colorado’s Front Range, resulting in 17 counties being inundated by floods and landslides. At the base of Pike’s Peak, the highest mountain in the continental United States, the Manitou Springs Incline trail was one of many sites across the Front Range to sustain damage.

  7. FEMA Approves $2.6 Million to Florida Local Governments for Matthew Recovery

    ATLANTA – St. Johns County and the City of Jacksonville, will each receive a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to reimburse costs incurred for debris removal following Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. Combined, the grants total more than $2.6 million. 

    The St. Johns County grant is for $1,464,072. The City of Jacksonville grant is for $1,161,542. Each grant amounts to at least 75 percent of the federal cost share of debris removal. The remainder will come from non-federal sources.

  8. Hurricane Preparedness Makes Good Business Sense

    GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico –Employers and business owners should consider the impact a hurricane could have on their facilities and their relationships with customers, their own employees and their bottom line.

    Through continuity planning, businesses can assess how the company functions, both internally and externally, to determine which staff, materials, procedures and equipment are absolutely necessary to keep the business operating. Taking small steps now could help ensure business continuity and employee preparedness.

    General Business Preparedness Tips

  9. Get Home Repair Advice May 21-25 in Trujillo Alto

    GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico –  As the people of Puerto Rico repair and rebuild homes, FEMA has teamed with National Lumber and Kmart to provide free information and tips on how to make homes stronger and safer.

    FEMA advisors are available on May 21-25at the following locations:


  10. Disaster Recovery Center Opens in New Albany for Three Days

    Indianapolis, IN – A Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) opens on Monday, May 21, for three days and is scheduled to close Wednesday, May 23, in New Albany to help Indiana flood survivors. The DRC hours are 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. during these days.


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