FEMA Videos

  1. Helping After a Disaster

    The President and CEO of the National Voluntary Organizations Active during Disasters explains how best to help after a disaster.

  2. One Year After: Air Operations

    Cidra, Puerto Rico, September 17, 2018 - The FEMA Air Operations Branch was activated after Hurricane Irma to respond in Puerto Rico, and it substantially increased in the aftermath of Hurricane María.  Roads were innaccesible due to landslides, debris, washed out bridges and knock down trees, electric poles and cables.  The air missions were carried out by local, state and federal agencies at all levels.  The response to the hurricanes was unprecedented, resulting in the longest sustained domestic air mission of food and water and the largest disaster air mission operation in U.S. history.

  3. One Year After: Río Abajo Bridge in Utuado

    Utuado, Puerto Rico, September 17, 2018 - On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, Hurricane María made landfall in Puerto Rico.  The heavy rain it brought caused rivers overflow, and the strong water current destroyed everything on its way.  The bridge in Río Abajo, Utuado collapsed as the river overflew.  Survivors were isolated and forced to devise a zip line to receive much needed commodities to people on the other side of the river.  FEMA obligated $4.7 million dollars from its Public Assistance program to build a new temporary bridge that allowed survivors to return to normalcy.  FEMA partners with federal agencies, state, local communities and municipalities stakeholders to provide assistance to disaster survivors and local communities.

  4. Swift Water Rescue 9-15-2018

    FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team California Task Force 2 performs a swift water rescue of man trapped in an SUV in Cumberland County, North Carolina, near the Sampson County line, Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018. The 16-member swiftwater team and an incident support team member deployed from the Los Angeles County, California, Fire Department Sept. 10 to support the response to Hurricane Florence.
    There are currently 13 FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Teams and 20 mission ready packages on the ground in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia to support rescue operations. The water rescue mission ready packages are smaller teams with water rescue specialists that augment local teams.
    (Video by FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team California Task Force 2)

  5. Aviso de Inundaciones Tierra Adentro por el Huracán Florence

    Las inundaciones tierra adentro representan un peligro mayor que puede ocurrir durante un huracán. Se espera que el Huracán Florence cause fuerte lluvias, posiblemente catastróficas, mucho más adentro de la costa, en partes de los estados de Carolina del Norte y del Sur, Virginia; y de los estados vecinos. Continúe preparándose y visite floodsmart.gov para más información.

  6. Hurricane Florence Inland Flooding Advisory

    Inland flooding is a major threat that can happen during a hurricane. It is expected that Hurricane Florence will cause heavy, possibly catastrophic, inland rainfall in portions of North and South Carolina, Virginia, and surrounding states. Continue to prepare and visit floodsmart.gov for more information.


  7. Inside Look at FEMA's National Reponse Coordination Center (NRCC)

    James K. Joseph walks through the National Reponse Coordination Center (NRCC) and speaks about how many people and agencies we have operating during a potenial disaster.

  8. Ready Disaster Tips PSA (:30)

    Plan ahead before disasters strike. This video brought to you by the Ready campaign and the Ad Council.

  9. National Preparedness Month: Brock Long - Take Action

    National Preparedness Month: Brock Long - Take Action

  10. FEMA Accessible: Hurricane Florence Preparedness PSA

    A FEMA PSA video about how to prepare for Hurricane Florence.

  11. National Preparedness Month: Brock Long - Insurance

    National Preparedness Month: Brock Long - Insurance

  12. National Preparedness Month: Asst. Chief Lori Bender Houston PD

    National Preparedness Month Asst. Chief Lori Bender Houston PD

  13. Centro de Operaciones de FEMA

    El centro de operaciones de FEMA fue activado a nivel 1 lo que es el nivel más alto de emergencias del país, más de 30 organizaciones gubernamentales y sin fines de lucro coordinan necesidades que puedan tener los estados impactados por el huracán Florence.

  14. Prepare Now For Hurricane Florence

    James K. Joseph speaks about the significance of Hurricane Florence and its potential catastrophic damage.

    Visit Ready.gov or download the FEMA app to see more tips.

  15. Esté Preparado Tome Acción Ahora

    Varios huracanes y tormentas tropicales están amenazando a los Estados Unidos y sus territorios, es importante estar preparado para los impactos de un huracán catastrófico.


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