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  1. New Doppler Radar in Puerto Rico

    Cayey, Puerto Rico, May 18, 2018 - The WSR-88 Doppler Radar, located in Cayey, was destroyed by the strong winds brought by Hurricane María on September 20, 2017.  This radar is one of the most powerful and advanced Weather Surveillance Doppler Radar in the world.  The new Doppler Radar will once again provide the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Weather Service in Puerto Rico, with the capability to gather, analyze and share vital weather information that will allow these agencies to perform their corresponding duties.

  2. Did You Know? Home Inventory

    Mistie Hinote reminds us of the importance of creating and maintaining a home inventory by making a list of belongings, taking pictures and videos, and keeping them stored safely in case of the need to file a claim with insurance.

  3. Mensaje Semanal: Justo Hernández, Coordinador Federal Alterno

    Justo Hernández, Coordinador Federal Alterno habla sobre lo importante que es la colaboración que debe existir entre municipios, agencias federales, sector privado y agencias voluntarias para apoyar la recuperación a largo plazo de la Isla tras el paso del huracán María.

  4. U.S. National Park Service Inspects Fortín de San Gerónimo in Puerto Rico

    The Council of Nautical Archaeology of the Puerto Rico Institute of Culture and members of the U.S. National Park Service inspect the historic fort (built in 1609) that was impacted by Hurricane María on September 20, 2017. Damages due to weather and human intervention were present prior to the hurricane, however they increased dramatically after the hurricane made landfall. Congress passed a law that orders a team to send qualified arcaeologists and structural engineers to assess and structure a plan for historical buildings on the island as part of the natural and cultural resources projects. The archaeologists assess visible cracks, debris, the conditions of the historical material used and the sources of each visible damage.

    Andrea Bajnadas/FEMA

  5. Brock Long Baton Rouge Cut 4

    2017 taught us that preparedness is everybody’s responsibility. Mean time citizens find themselves whether it’s a flood or active shooter event or a hurricane, that they are going to find themselves to be in a position where they are the true first responder and that they are going to be called to take action until the official first responders can arrive.

  6. Brock Long Baton Rouge Cut 3

    So how do you assess your risk, go download the FEMA App, go to ready.gov to assess your risk, understand how to mitigate your home and we are also asking people to take consideration on how to be financially ready. Disasters and evacuations can be expensive, kick starting recovery can be expensive and you may have to cover some costs until FEMA assistance or other forms of assistance can be made available after a disaster. We are also asking people to cover the gap in insurance. Insurance is the first line of defense whether you are a homeowner or business owner or elected official over public infrastructure

  7. Brock Long Baton Rouge Cut 2

    Bronk Long reminds us of the kickstart insurance will make to a quicker recovery

  8. Brock Long Baton Rouge Cut 1

    Brock Long reminds us of our responsibility as citizens

  9. Seledonio Quesada, the Executive Director of the Port Arthur Housing Authority speaks to Brock Long

    Seledonio Quesada, the Executive Director of the Port Arthur Housing Authority,explains that housing developments are falling short of meeting the needs of displaced residents and the need for their FEMA proposal to be approved to close the gap.

  10. Brock Long - Jack Brooks Airport - Beaumont - cut 2

    Brock Long speaks to crowd at Jack Brooks Airport in Beaumont, Texas

  11. Brock Long - Jack Brooks Airport - Beaumont - cut 1

    Brock Long, FEMA Administrator speaks to a crowd at the Jack Brooks Airport in Beaumont, Texas about how it is everyone's responsibility to be mindful about potential future disasters in the region.

  12. Working Disasters in the CNMI

    This is a video intended for federal response workers deploying to the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands.  The intent is to provide a short primer on cultural awareness before arrving in the CNMI for a disaster response assignement.

  13. Facebook Live Video - La Importancia De Tener Un Plan De Refugio

    Justo Hernández, habla sobre los recursos disponibles en los centros de recuperación por desastre y la importancia de tener un plan de refugio.

  14. St. Columba Episcopal Church Providing Housing

    St. Columba Episcopal Church in Marathon, Florida, saw the need for housing after Hurricane Irma tore through their community and purchased RV trailers to fill that need. They started with 5 units at the church facility and currently have 22 throughout the Lower and Middle Keys. To continue their efforts to keep those in need of housing in the community, St. Columba has purchased a building with 18 apartment units to provide a low cost solution while people begin repairs of their damaged houses or seek other options. Just another example of neighbors helping neighbors and the value of voluntary, non-profit and faith based organizations in the recovery process.

  15. Public Service Announcement: Santos Alomar Jr. and Paul Dolan Help Promote Hurricane Preparedness

    Puerto Rico, May 7, 2018 -- Santos "Sandy" Alomar, Coach and Hall of Famer, and Paul Dolan, owner of the Cleveland Indians, help to promote hurricane preparedness for Puerto Rico.


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