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Sudden Storm offers an organized, practical foundation in emergency preparedness and response, through a series of fact sheets, action plan worksheets and projects covering 11 essential topics.

FACT SHEETS - Illustrated fact sheets are packed with useful information.

ACTION PLANS - Short worksheets help you create your own unique, individual, emergency plan.

PROJECTS - Simple projects use common, inexpensive materials to inspire both practical and creative thinking.

Complete the emergency kit checklist to create a "go bag" for every member of your family—pets included, of course. Learn not just what you should do in an emergency, but also how and why you should do it. Start thinking realistically and creatively about the steps you would take in a variety of unexpected situations.


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EMERGENCIES, from accidents to natural disasters, can happen anywhere, anytime. Sudden Storm is packed with the information you need to be proactive instead of reactive—an inspired, empowered, self-reliant problem-solver with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to handle an emergency situation.


With detailed instructions and tips, informative illustrations, and an authoritative and approachable style based on extensive research and credible sources, Sudden Storm takes the guesswork out of emergency preparedness. Clear and concise, it provides the essential facts on the most important safety topics including: shelter, communication, water, sanitation, food, cooking, fuel, heat, light, and first aid.


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158 pages

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